Monday, January 17, 2011


Dave began designing the odd Zazzle product in 2008. Many of his designs are humorous comments or quotes. Dave almost always sees the funny side of life and puns and wordplay are his favorite way of sharing his view of things.

Dave is definitely NOT an artiste, he will tell you if he drew a stick man he would have to label it 'stick man'. He likes to take nature photographs and is currently learning himself how to use Photoshop to create vector art. So far his efforts are quite humorous.

Dave likes to take landscape photographs and says he'll have to get a camera one of these days. To date he has used his cell phone or a borrowed camera to capture his moments of inspiration.

For more of Dave's humour/humor, check out his blog DAVE'S MINDSCAPE!

As Dave says, "Mostly things that linger long enough while crossing my mind for me to record a few thoughts. Probably nothing earth shaking but who knows what shakes your world. Any similarity to reality is purely coincidental.

Glad to have you here but remember, you could be spending your time more wisely. Family, friends, maybe even your job if you are really pushed for something to do."

All Images Copyright David A McCaskill, All Rights Reserved

Written by Ruth J Jamieson, Copyright Ruth J Jamieson