Sunday, January 9, 2011


Rdwnggrl = Red Wing Girl = Stacy Lynch

When Stacy Lynch started on Zazzle in 2006 she chose the Rdwnggrl handle because of her love of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. The reason Stacy started designing on Zazzle was to make shirts for herself and her friends.

In 2007 after some thought, Stacy decided that Zazzle could be a great way to use her creativity, showcase her artistic talent, and make a little money on the side. She set to work and began to design in earnest.

Mediums of choice for this designer are photography, digital art and graphic design. Stacy’s digital art and graphic designs are bold, bright, colourful and full of fun! Her photography includes amazing shots of flaming sunsets, majestic mountain vistas, the architecture and harbour of Seattle and the simple beauty of everyday objects.

Inspiration for Stacy’s art and photography comes from family, friends, nature and life. Stacy says that whether it is her passion for equality (her Acceptance, Love & Pride line), her passion for what nature has to offer (Nature & Places), or helping everyone feel the love and respect they deserve (Inspiration & Life), she tries to design things that will make people feel good.

There is more to Stacy Lynch than Zazzle and designing. She and her husband John have a passion for the BBQ. Their ‘little company with a big conscience’, CRIPPLE CREEK BBQ, is based on love of food and the environment. Together they are working to share their passion and excellent products with the world.

Good food, great flavors, and an environmental conscience are the driving force behind this Colorado based, family-run company specializing in barbeque sauces and spice rubs. All of their sauces are all-natural and contain NO high fructose corn syrup. Cripple Creek strives to make products with amazing flavors and that you will feel good about using!

Stacy has some special designs in her shop that celebrate this awesome growing company. This great canvas bag features the company’s logo.

And finally 'Where there is Music There is Freedom'
Designed by a lady who has music in her soul!


Stacy Lynch's website: RDWNGGRL

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  1. Ruth,
    Thank you soooo much for the wonderful feature! I love it!

  2. An absolute pleasure getting to know you better Stacy :)

  3. Wow! Your designs are rocking Stacy!! You just keep producing better and better! Fantastic feature and it's been Tweeted!