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In the mid-coast area of Maine lives an artist whose delightfully whimsical imagination comes to life in her remarkable artwork. Rebecca Bowker Czosnek is this artist. She and her husband and family operate a local business there and in addition Rebecca also works as a nurse.

Rebecca’s inspiration is her life experience and the people around her. Rebecca says she was born with a smile on her face. She is inspired to find the good in everything, it is her way of dealing with life’s ups and downs. She lives by the rule of staying honest and true to herself and those in her life and she learns from both the good and bad in life, and takes those lessons on with her into tomorrow’s adventures.

Rebecca creates ink drawings, acrylic paintings and graphic art. Her color choices are vibrant and her work is incredibly detailed and whimsical. She says she loves to add an odd imagination to her art.

Maine is a beautiful state, and Rebecca says Nature has it's glory there! She says the summers are short and so very beautiful and the winters can make the days seem like years. Rebecca cannot imagine life there without hobbies like her art to get her by. A prime example was the Ground Hog day storm that covered most of the United States this week. For Rebecca the best part about winter is that sometimes you get stuck at home. Her life is so busy that a snow day is a reward! She is always looking for something to draw that relates to her day! This week she is working on artwork of a pile of snow with a ground hog digging himself out from below. So living in Maine has a wonderful effect on Rebecca’s artwork!

Because Rebecca’s life is so full and busy, she has limited time to work on her art. She is working slowly on a few paintings right now which she expects to be completed in a few weeks. As well, she is learning to use Adobe Creative Suite CS4 by studying with some great lessons on She is interested to see what effect this will have on her work in the future. Corel Draw has been her working software up until now.

If Rebecca isn’t busy enough already, she is also studying photography. Her hubby bought her a Sony A55 camera. Blogging was Rebecca’s inspiration to have a good camera and learn to use it. She says she didn’t realize how much she was going to enjoy taking photographs! The Sony A55 is perfect for her, she thinks it came with it’s own brain. Every day Rebecca learns something new about photography and her new camera.

Rebecca says if she could do one thing in this world she would encourage everyone to tap in on their artistic ability, no matter what it is. She says almost anything is an art and she has yet to meet one person that does not have a unique ability to do something artistic that would be that inner soothing moment that they need.

Rebecca’s comfort is to draw, paint, cook, read and most of all be with friends and family! Her day begins with the care of her Yorkies and her family, and in between working as a nurse and in the family business, she finds time to draw and paint as well. Cooking is a favorite passion and Rebecca is working on a cookbook which she thought would be finished 3 years ago. Blogging is another new activity that is keeping this artist busier than ever. It is a fast paced life with so much to do and Rebecca says she is looking forward to slowing down a little at some point, however she enjoys her life and it’s mad reality.

You can find Rebecca’s artwork online in her shops on She has two shops, Peppers Polish Mafia; and Samantha Cat, which she shares with her daughter.


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