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Zazzle designer Helena Pion was born and lives in Portugal. She and her family are moving to British Columbia, Canada, where her better half hails from. Helena always loved languages, studied them in University and qualified to be a translator with Post Graduate studies. She has been a translator for over 12 years.

Helena loves music, photography and art. She sings a little and loves to listen to music. Helena’s camera is her constant companion and she takes photos at every opportunity. Design was an interest early on and as a teen Helena subscribed to design magazines rather than the teen magazines her friends read. Cinema, theater and traveling are Helena’s other favorite activities.

Helena has always felt strange about the term ‘artist’ in reference to herself. She prefers to call the things she makes ‘creative’and says she has always been a ‘creative’. Helena liked to write from an early age, she crochets and knits lovely things and has always been into photography and design.

A little over a year ago, a dear friend and fellow Zazzler suggested Helena open a shop on Zazzle as a creative outlet for her photography. It wasn’t long before Helena started delving into design as well and her little shop took on a whole new meaning for her. Helena enjoys the creative process immensely and she has met wonderful people through Zazzle.

Helena draws her inspiration from life, nature and emotions. She says ideas flow constantly for her and she has endless TO DO lists of things to create.

As Helena leaned more towards design, she felt her photography getting put on hold. These days she is in the process of getting more of it published on products in her Zazzle store. She is also considering opening another specialized shop for her photography, but hasn’t done so yet.

Helena also participates in Celebrity Gift Lounges at various media award events. Currently she is working on some crochet goodies to accompany some of her products that will be in the IndiExibit’s gift bags at the MTV Movie Awards in June 2011.

Currently Helena sells her work exclusively at Zazzle. She has her original main store and a Christmas store that is still small. She offers her designs and photography on all sorts of products from cards, invitations, and stationery to shoes, mugs, necklaces, key chains, posters and more. Her favourite products to design for right now are iPhone and iPad cases. She likes that Zazzle offers customers so many customization options, from sizes, models, colors and paper types to custom text and more, and it never costs the customer more to customize.


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