Monday, February 7, 2011


Angel Painter is an artist and a dreamer, who lives and works in the United States. In addition to painting pictures, Angela says she also likes to paint with words in the form of poetry.

Angela loves nature. In her words, “animals are close to my heart; every little flower, or Autumnal leaf, makes my heart sing. I love the silveryness of Night and the radiant face of the Moon and her beautiful stars.” She also loves teddy bears, candles, pretty clocks and teapots. Historical eras are also of interest to Angela, she says she would very much like to be able to travel to ancient Rome, Medieval France or Victorian U.S.A.

I asked Angela how she came to be an artist. She said she just always was. Whenever she had a pencil and a scrap of paper she drew and the way she drew evolved organically and once she began to paint the same process occurred. There was no conscious effort to become an artist, it was an organic process.

The exception to this was horses. Angela wanted her horses to look more ‘horsey’, so she studied pictures of them until as she says, ‘their likeness became stamped upon her brain” She found that after she did this study, her horses did in fact look ‘horsier’

The strangest things inspire Angela. Fragrances, colours or even certain sounds cause her to set brush to paper. Her love of animals, expecially horses also inspires her.

Angela’s body of work is quite varied as her imagination is full of beautiful ideas. Watercolor and acrylic are the two mediums she uses most, but she also dabbles in oils. She is looking forward to doing more work in oils.

Angela has a natural and intuitive style. Her techniques vary as she interprets her inspiration with the paint. She says she wrestles with the watercolors as she has very specific intentions of how she wishes it to look.

Something that Angela has recently learned about is the technique of underpainting. She has not done this in the past, but says she plans to experiment with them and see where that takes her artwork. Plans for future work includes more paintings of Angela’s beloved horses, fantasy or Goth artwork, and more experimentation with digital vector art. Currently Angela is designing some very pretty mugs for Valentine's Day, and will soon be creating some for Easter.

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  1. Beautiful work. Angel does such beautiful work and Ruth the blog is wonderful. I feel like I really got to know and I do relate to Angel. Thanks.

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  3. I am so glad you enjoyed Angel's feature Cim. I too enjoyed getting to know Angel and her wonderful artwork better. :)

  4. Oh, I love her artwork! Each and every piece is wonderful and adorable!!! Thank you for sharing her work with us.

  5. It is a pleasure to share Angel and her art. Such a sweet lady and marvelous artist.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments Brenda, you rock! :)